Ali Brown O'Brien

Lindsay Okamoto (senior communications officer, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health)

Deborah Olenev (CCH, RSHom, NA; "Homeopathy for Health")

Heather Ostrom (parent of Gunn and JLS students; Paly class of '87; teacher for 16 years)

Nancy Huddleston Packer (mother of two grads; former director, Stanford Creative Writing Program)

Pam Page

Carolina Parada

Grace Pariante

Michele Parker (Ph.D.; biology instructor & advisor, Santa Clara University)

Liza Patnoe (parent of a 6-year-old in the PAUSD)

Gary Patou

Karen Patou

Laura Patou

Maria de la Paz

Aliza Peleg (mother of two Gunn grads)

Roy Peleg

Bissera Pentcheva

Karen Persson (portrait artist)

Peggy Phelan (professor of theater & performance studies and English, Stanford University)

John Phelps (chairman, Bullis Charter School Board)

Renan Pineda (director of coaching, Palo Alto Soccer Club; Spanish teacher, Serra High School)

Barbara Pitkin

Mamie Gong Poggio (parent of PAUSD student)

Donna Poland

Scott Poland (licensed psychologist; Ed.D.; professor, Nova Southeastern University; nationally known expert on suicide intervention)

Emily Pollard

Alan Polley
Shanna & Kyle Polley

Stefania Pomponi

Cheryl Poole

Katherine Price

Jonathan Prosnit (rabbi, Congregation Beth Am)

Helen Purcell (director, Living Wisdom School)

Annette Puskarich

Gloria Pyszka

Chris Quaintance

Stephen Quake (Lee Otterson Professor of bioengineering and applied physics at Stanford University; parent of Gunn student)

Stacey Quo

Fred Radford

Elizabeth Radigoy

Leah Ragan

Devi Ramanan

Ramanathan Family

Janet Ramusack

Luisa Randon

Mayma Raphael

Katy (Schnitz) Reamon

Nicole Redzic (Psy. D.; clinical psychologist, Palo Alto & Stanford University)

Cathlyn Reem

Rush Rehm

Kristine (Dietrich) Reis  (Gunn, class of 1984; mom to three high-schoolers; elementary teacher for 26 years; currently 3rd-grade teacher in Las Lomitas Elementary School District)

Georgia Relman (parent of Paly student)

Sophie Relman (Paly student)

Terry Rice

Christopher Rich (Gunn High principal, 1992-2000)

Molly Foy Rich

Hallie Richmond (Paly, class of 1987)

Thalia Robakis (M.D., Ph.D., board-cert in psychiatry)

Ann Robinson

Cheryl Balcon Rodella (artist; Paly, class of 1972)

Peter Rogers (Gunn, class of 2011; BA & BS, University of Michigan)

Cathy Pinsky Rohloff

Heather Rose

Cary Rosenzweig (AB, MBA, Stanford University; parent of former Gunn High School and Middle School student; founder and managing director, Reflect Partners.)

Jessica Roth

Rob Rubenstein

Marine Rudelle

Avi Runge

Al & JoAnne Russell

Stacie Russell (Gunn, class of 1983; registered nurse; mother of two grown sons)

Elle Rustique

Mehran Sahami

Mimi Salmon

Michelle Sandberg

Vicki Sandin (M.S. in statistics, Stanford University)

Debra Satz

Michael Saunders

Meera Saxena

Aileen Schmoller (Gunn, class of 1987; parent of two PAUSD students)

Karen Schreiber

Lauren Schryver

Anna C. Schultz

Dan Schwartz (B.A., Stanford University; engineer, Palantir Technologies)

Greg Schwartz

Dayle Schweninger

Anantha Sethuraman

Deepa Shah

Piyush Shah

Macy Sharif (Americorps volunteer, Summit public schools; special education teacher-in-training)

Anoushka Sharma (Paly, class of 2019)

Chitra Sharma

Rahul Sharma

Vivek Sharma

Chris R. Shatterly

Thomas Sheehan (professor of Religious Studies, Stanford University)

Kathy Sherman

Lois Shore

Shu Family (tutors for Avenidas early literacy program)

Jeff & Corrie Sid

Carl Siegel

Lee Siegel

Paul Siegel

Paula Siegel

Elaine Sigal (founder and chief education officer, MindLaunch tutoring; executive director, synagogue Kol Emeth, Los Altos Hills)

Cara Silver (J.D.; mother of two children in PAUSD)

Gabrielle Simpson 

Randeep Singh (Gunn, class of 2015)

Steve Sinton (Ph.D.; chemist)

Stuart Slavin (M.D., M.Ed.; nationally prominent researcher into the mental health of high-schoolers; associate dean for curriculum; professor of pediatrics; St. Louis University School of Medicine)

Deniece Smith

Rolana Smith (junior high pastor, Peninsula Bible Church)

Tyler Smith

Curtis Smolar

Stephen K. Smuin

Jeanese & Jeff Snyder

Liz Snyder (Gunn class of '94;  co-Founder, Wild Child Freeschool and Full Circle Farm)

Mari Soberg

Brent Sockness (associate professor, Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University)

Corey Sommers

Mimi Sommers

Sylvia Stanat

Jennifer Starr

Philipp Stauffer

Catherine Steinkamp (Gunn, class of 2010)

Adina Sterling

Andrea Stern

Kim & Kevin Stern

Hayley Stevens

Jana Stevens

Patricia Stevens (BA, elementary education; MA, early childhood education; 34 years as a grade-school teacher, including of children hospitalized for drug rehabilitation, and as an Early Childhood Center principal)

Richard Stolee

Abigail Stone (Gunn, class of 2001; LMFT)

Emily Stone (Gunn, class of 2005; M.P.H.; public health researcher, Zurich, Switzerland)

Janice Stone

Jon R. Stone

Mark Stone

Monica Stone (LMFT)

Katie Crocker Storey

Christy Story (Ph.D.)

Adam Strassberg  (M.D.; Palo Alto psychiatrist; author of "Keep Calm and Parent On")

Myra Strober

Mike Strong

Suganthi Subramanian

Bridget Sullivan

Janani Sundar

Maliha Syed

Bill Symon (parent of Paly grads; grandparent of 2 PAUSD students)

Gloria Symon (former PTA president; founding member, Parent Network Projects; parent of PAUSD grads  & grandparent of 2 PAUSD students)

Jack Symon (Paly grad)

Farhad Tabrizi

Ruth Tarnopolsky

Chelsea Taylor (Gunn, class of 2003; MSW; adoption recruitment director)

Nani Teves

Karlie Thompson (LMFT)

Emanuela Todaro

Julie Tomasz

Yidong Tong

Lori Bogard Toomre (Gunn, class of 1981; mother of three teens; high-tech business manager)

Darren Torre (teacher, Jane Lathrop Middle School, Palo Alto)

Debra Hapgood Toscanelli (funeral director, Alta Mesa)

Samuel Toung (pastor, Central Chinese Christian Church)

Garima Tripathi (parent of 11-year-old in PAUSD; M.S., computer science; M.A., English literature) 

Tammy Truher

Stephanie Tsai (student, Stanford University)

Lexi Tsien

Sara Tsuboi

Veronica Tung

Steve Turner (parent of a Terman student and a Gunn student)

Tal Tversky

Ronald Tyler

Laura Usich (Paly, class of 1989; parent of 7th- and 4th-graders in PAUSD)

Guadalupe Valdes (Bonnie Katz Tenenbaum Professor of Education, Stanford University)

Julie Valentine (Paly grad; private voice teacher; parent of children formerly and currently in PAUSD schools)

Fabiana Vega

Natalie Veldhouse (former Gunn student; B.A. in Ethics and Public Policy & minors in French and Sociology, Iowa University, class of 2015)

Caroline Vericat

Caroline Vertongen (Masters in occupational therapy; translator; parent; wife; anti-bullying activist)

Marc Vincenti (Gunn High English Dept., 1995-2010)

Walter Vincenti (Emeritus Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University)

Keely Wade

Beverly Wade (mother of Paly grads, 1987, 1989, 1994; grandmother of current students at Gunn, JLS, Ohlone)

Steve Wagman

Manoj Waikar

Ayelet Waldman (J.D., Harvard Law; federal public defender; essayist and novelist:  A Really Good Day, Daughter's Keeper, the Mommy Track Mysteries)

Carolyn Walworth (student representative to the school board; Paly, class of 2016)

John Wandling

James Wang (founder of MakeX, a workspace and sanctuary for teens in Palo Alto)

Emily Watkins

Cy Ashley Webb

Larienne Weber

Sharon Webster

Mike Weiss (retired journalist; author; father of two Paly grads)

Lance Welsh

Joy Gorman Wettels

Denise White

James White

Katie White (B.S., Environmental Science; Gunn, class of 2008)

Virginia White

Lynn Wiese (LMFT; community psychotherapist; parent of two PAUSD, K-12 graduates)

JoAnne & Bob Wilkes

Liliana Williams

Lisa (Whisnant) Williford (Paly, class of 1982)

Clyde Wilson

Melissa Wilson

Laura Wingard

Mary Wolff

Rega Wood (professor emeritus, Philosophy, Stanford University)

Joseph A. Woolcock

Angela Wu

Jackie Wyant (kindergarten teacher, Keys School, Palo Alto)

Larry Yang

MeeLon Yee

Jessica Yu (Gunn, class of 1984; film and TV director, "The West Wing," "Scandal," "ER"; Academy Award winning documentarian for "Breathing Lessons")

Marina Zago

Roni Zeiger (chief health strategist, Google)

Mila Zelkha

Jin Zhang (technology executive)

Below is a little more about some of the signers of our Open Letter.


Note:  if your name is missing or misspelled, or you'd like your information changed or deleted or added to, please write to:

Vicki Abeles (a national voice for school change, Ms. Abeles filmed the groundbreaking "Race to Nowhere," which goes inside the lives of high-schoolers to reveal the immense strains they're under; her Beyond Measure was reviewed in the New York Times Book Review in Jan., 2016)

Jennifer Abrams (Gunn High teacher, 1989-1998; PAUSD teacher trainer, 1998-2011; author and educational consultant)

Diana Adams (Ed.D.; licensed psychologist)

Willa Akey (Gunn, class of 2011)

Alhondra Aguado

Laurie Albright  (president, Boulder Valley School District Board of Education, Colorado)

Marcia Allen

Eileen Altman (associate pastor, First Congregational Church, Palo Alto)

Wyatt H. Alvis

Chandrama Anderson (M.A.; LMFT; president, Connect2 Marriage Counseling)

Kristen Anderson

Silvia Antonelli

Mark Arevalo

Todd Armstrong (teacher)

Jen Aronowitz (Ph.D.; Neuropsych Kids)

Tim Assimes (Asst. Prof. of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine)

Roopam Bahl

Susanna Bahrami

Nancy Bain (M.A., counseling psychology, Santa Clara University; M.A., Education SJSU, elementary school teacher, parent of two; one at Gunn HS, one at Paly)

Richard Balaban (Ph.D., clinical psychologist; grandfather to Gunn student)

Sandy Bardas (clinical pharmacist with a specialty in emergency medicine; mother of two Paly graduates)

Ilana Bar-David (adjunct lecturer, Dept. of Music, Stanford University)

Andi Barlas (M.A., LMFT, Dir. of Social & Emotional Learning for 14 years at The Girls’ Middle School; mother of two daughters who attended Paly)

Cara Barone (pediatrician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation)

Meg Barrett

Annelise E. Barron (associate professor of bioengineering, Stanford University; mother of children who have attended Nixon Elementary and Terman Middle School)

Dagmar Becker

Jim Becker

Tanya & John Begraft (parents)

Paul Bennett

Anna Berns (director, Benetech Human Rights Program; mother of Escondido Elementary student)

Patti Berryhill (garden manager, Living Classroom)

Adi Beth

Tim Biglow (board co-chair, MidPeninsula High School)

Joan Bigwood

Sarah Billington (professor of civil and environmental engineering, Stanford University; Milligan Family University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, Stanford; parent of two PAUSD students)

Jamie Bindon

Alice Bizri

Rachel Blair

Julie Bloom (M.Ed., LCSW, LMFT; grandmother of Gunn student)

Jo Boaler (professor of education, Stanford; TedX speaker; author of books including The Elephant in the Room:  Helping Children Learn and Love Maths)

Diane & Bill Boggie (the former is a retired school teacher)

Rabbi David Booth (Congregation Kol Emeth)

Birgitta Bower (founder of Half Moon Bay High School Wellness Initiative)

Catherine Boyce (M.A.; MFT)

Terry Boyle

Holly Brady (publishing consultant; former director, Stanford Institute for Educational Leadership Through Technology; Gunn parent)

Margaret Brandeau (professor of engineering; parent of three Gunn grads)

David S. Brazer (assoc. professor of education, Stanford; principal of Los Altos High, 1993-99; father of four)

Gladys Bravo

Benjamin Brees

Terese Brennan-Marquez (LCSW)

Barbara Breuchert

Adrienne Brimer

Charlotte Brockman

Monika Broecker (LMFT)

John Brooks (suicide awareness advocate; Marin County substitute teacher)

Amy Brown

Kyle Brown

Ruth Brown (R.N.; high-school nurse; parent of Paly students)

Eric Buatois (venture capitalist; father of Gunn grad)

Alexander Burke (father of Gunn freshman; stepfather of Terman 8th-grader)

Lauren Burton (M.B.A.; mother of  PAUSD student)

Richard Burton (PhD, father of PAUSD student)

Eugenie Cabot

Martha Cabot

Michael Cabot

Brenda Callahan

Emily Cao

Zenas Cao

Michael Campbell

Helen Carefoot

Temera Carson

Prudence Carter (dean of School of Education, University of California, Berkeley)

Erin Castelan

Nicole Chan

Vicki Chang

Sabra Chartrand

Angela Chau (Ph.D.; director of Bourn Idea Lab, faculty advisor for robotics, Castilleja)

Chausow Family

Shoshana Chazan

Monika (Morhenn) Cheney

Baldwin & Sandy Cheng

Janice Cheng  (Ph.D., clinical psychologist, individual & family therapy)

Alice Locke Chezar (LMFT; parent of Gunn graduate)

Andrew Chiang

Chiu Family

Heather Armstrong Choate

Wendy Christiansen (higher education student administrator)

Shaw Chuang (Gunn PTA)

Angie Civjan

Julia Clark

Bernadette Clavier

Joe Clement (online moderator, Beyond the Screens; co-author, Screen Schooled; teacher, Chantilly High school, Fairfax County, Virginia—a county that has suffered a teen suicide epidemic studied by the CDC in 2014)

Cloutier Family

Anne Colby

Fabiana T. Coleman

Trish Collins

Craig Comiter

Spencer Commons

Walter Commons

Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC), of Mtn. View  (a community nonprofit)

Ginny Contento (Spanish teacher, Castilleja)

Jill Cooper (LMFT)

Cynthia Costell

Liz & Jim Cowie (parents of JLS and Paly students)

Kelani Cross (program coordinator, Paradigm teen treatment facility, San Rafael)

Larry Cuban  (Ph.D., Stanford; school district superintendent, 7 years; Stanford prof. of education, emeritus; former faculty sponsor, Stanford Schools Collaborative; author, 8 books)

L. Cummins

Janet Dafoe (Ph.D.; child psychologist; private practice and Morrissey Compton Educational Center)

Gina D. Dalma (special advisor to the CEO on public policy, Silicon Valley Community Foundation; school board candidate, 2014)

Cathleen Daly

Rick Damelio

Simone D'Amico

Avoy Datta (Stanford University, class of '20; engineering major; participant, International Physics and Earth Science Olympiads)

Joel Davidson

Ashley Davis

Carrie Davis

Ronald W. Davis (Ph.D.; professor of biochemistry & genetics; director, Stanford Genome Technology Center; director, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Center at Stanford)

Caitlin Dazey

Julie Delliquanti

Harry Dennis (pediatrician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation)

Brigid Dentoni

Nitai Deranja (president, Education for Life International; author, For Goodness' Sake:  Supporting Children and Teens in Discovering Life's Higher Values, & The Art of Joyful Education)

Linder Dermon (retired PAUSD English teacher)

John Dermon

Jess Deutsch

Tara Dhillon

Adi Diner

Jenni (Thompson) Djafari

Donna Do

Khoa Do

Desiree Docktor

Yekaterina Vershov Downing

Karen Druker

Jordan Dubin (student at Washington Univ. in St Louis; grieving friend to Sarah Longyear, Gunn class of 2014)

Jeff Dukes

Mary Dunn

Lisa Durham

John Dusterberry

Douglas Eck (Google research scientist; Ph.D.; father of Gunn student)

Olivia Eck

Samuel Eck (concerned younger brother; 5th grade, El Carmelo)

Julie Eggert (parent of two children who went all the way through PAUSD)

Rebecca Eliscu

Lauryn Emery

Suzanne Emery-Sphar

Krista Enos

Amir Eshel

Emmie Fa

Anna Fankhauser

Vanessa Fasoli

Dewi Faulkner (M.F.A.)

Jonathan Faulkner

David Feinstein (J.D. and Master's in secondary education; Gunn, class of 2001)

Lea Feinstein (artist; MFA; former art faculty at RISD, MICA, and Georgetown University; mother of Gunn grad)

Kay Marie Ferguson  (BSN, RN, M.Ed., multiple subject credentialed teacher)

Leland Ferguson (Palo Alto yoga Instructor; doctorate, East West Philosophy and Buddhist Studies; Master's, business)

Allison Ferraiolo

Natalie Kang Ferraiolo (Paly, class of 2005; M.D., UC San Diego; family medicine residency, Scripps Chula Vista, with a focus on mental health and adverse childhood experiences)

Keith Ferrell

Leslie Fiedler (parent of Gunn grads; active PTA member; PAUSD teacher's aide; science/medical writer)

Morris Fiorina (Wendt Family Professor of Political Science, Stanford University; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution)

Charlotte Fonrobert

Ellen Ford (LCSW, MPH)

Lynell Fort

Richard Freed (Ph.D.; Gunn, class of 1982; psychologist and author of Wired Child)

Francine Freeman (parent of two Gunn graduates; former PAUSD art teacher)

Froehlich Family

Jennifer Fryhling

Kiran Gaind (owner, The Connected Family)

Marielena Gaona-Mendoza

Martha Gates (K/1 teacher, Ohlone; parent of three PAUSD graduates; 35-year homeowner/resident of Palo Alto)

Greg Gatwood

Albert Gelpi (William Robertson Coe Professor of American Literature, emeritus, Stanford University)

Anne Gerfen (teacher, Duveneck School; Palo Alto Unified School District)

Margot Gerritsen (mom of local high school student; professor at Stanford; teacher and advisor of incoming undergraduate students)

Mark Gibbons

Tori Gibbons

Deb Giden

Carol Gilbert (retired teacher and technical writer/manager; co-leader, Girl Scouts STEM series; school-tour docent, Palo Alto Art Center)

Eva Glasrud (Paved With Verbs college counselor and life coach)

Maud Gleason

Kathryn Goetzke (MBA;  founder, International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression)

Andrea Goldsmith

Ana Gonzalez

Bonnie Goodman

Roger Gordon

Meghan Goyer

Rabbi Sarah Graff (Congregation Kol Emeth)

Green Family

Richard H. Greene

Joey Greenwald

Anders Greenwood (Psy.D., Ph.D.)

Jo Greiner (Gunn High English teacher, 1983-1995)

Judy & Milt Grinberg

Marc Grinberg (Paly, class of 2001)

Tracy Grinberg

Anthony Gromme

Meri Gruber

Karen Guttieri

Ganka Hadjipetrova

Amy Hald

Lois Hancock

Inge M. Hansen (psychologist in private practice, Palo Alto, and at Vaden Health Ctr., Stanford)

Christopher Harjadi

Cathy Harkness (4th & 5th grade teacher, PAUSD)

John Harrison

Susan Symon Harrison  (parent of two PAUSD students)

Jacob Hartinger

Tamara Hartl (Ph.D.)

Aja Hartman

Drew Harwell (Paly, class of 1991; lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Education; parent, Ohlone first-grader)

Karen Harwell

Jennifer Hawks

Joy Helsaple

Dwight Henninger (Gunn, class of 1977; chief of police, Vail, Colorado; involved in suicide prevention)

Nancy Hernandez (clinical researcher; parent of high-schooler)

Alex Hero

Laura Christine Herrero (parent of two Jordan Middle School students)

Daniel Herschlag

Jennifer Hetterly

Beth Hill (learning specialist/educational therapist)

David Hingston (architect; former Assistant Associate Professor of Architecture at NY Inst. of Technology; K-6 tutor)

Greg Hintz (Gunn, class of 1992; brother of three Gunn grads)

Barbara Hirsch (parent of PAUSD students)

Simon Ho (software entrepreneur for childcare industry; father of 2 high-schoolers; M.B.A., C.P.A.)

Tanya Hobson-Begraft

Christine & David Hodson

Katherine Hohbach (LMFT; EMDR certified; member of CAMFT; somatic experiencing)

Carol Hsu

Aubrey Hughes

Stan & Kiyomi Hutchings

Daniel Hutt

Susan Hyder

Suzanne Jacobs (software engineer; mom of 3)

Cindy Jacobson (BSN Cornell University; MSN Case Western Reserve University; Paly grad; mother of two Gunn grads)

Bruce Jaffe

Rani Jayakumar (Transition Palo Alto; mom of two, ages 6 and 3)

Jason Jenkins

Lisa Jewett

Ting Jiang

Carolyn M. Johnson

Ed Johnson

Evan Johnson

Mohanjit Jolly (M.I.T. University)

Nev Jones (Ph.D.; Stanford University; postdoctoral fellow)

Kathleen Joynes 

Liza Julian (parent of two Gunn graduates; former Gunn employee now working at Stanford; Palo Alto homeowner)

Amy Kacher

Jessi Kai

Sakeena Ahsan Kalyan (Gunn, class of 2005; B.A. in psychology, University of California, Berkeley; math teacher, Oakland Unified; M.A. in Education; mother of three)

Karen Kang

Sripriya Kannan

Barbara Kaplan

Tanya Kaplow

Vinaya Kapoor

Catherine S. Karagueuzian

Gloria M. Kardong (M.D.; distinguished fellow, American Psychiatric Association; adj. clinical associate professor, Stanford University Medical Center, Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)

Joan B. Karlin (Ph.D.; private tutor in math & science study skills)

Ruth Kaufman

Arnold Kaufman

Lynn Kearney (MFT)

Gargi Mitra Keeling

Jon Keeling (karate/self-defense teacher)

Jennifer Aarts Keenan

Nicole Kerbey

Christianna Kienitz (producer/director, A Theatre Near U)

Bette Kiernan (LMFT)

Carly King

Jenny Kiratli

Denise Kiser (concerned resident of Barron Park)

Cynthia Klein (parenting educator and coach, Bridges2Understanding)

Heidi Kling (mother; young-adult fiction writer; MFA in writing for children, the New School, N.Y; author of Not Okay, Cupid and Paint my Body Red and Sea)

Akiko Koda (certified project manager; Paly class of '79)

Jen Koepnick

Alfie Kohn (nationally known speaker and writer on eduction and child-rearing; author of 14 books, including Unconditional Parenting and The Homework Myth)

Jeffrey Koseff (professor of civil and environmental engineering, Stanford University; father of two K-12 PAUSD students, graduates of Paly)

Kerry Kravitz (M.D.; Ph.D.)

Peter Kriss (Ph.D.; research scientist, Medallia; Gunn, class of 2003)

Jenny Kuan

Carol Kuiper (former English teacher, Gunn High School)

Amy Kull (senior vice-president/director, Food & Nutrition Practice, Ketchum West)

Janaki Kumar

Dr. Bart C. Lally (gastroenterologist, PAMF)

Florence LaRiviere 

Joan Larrabee

Gerry Larvey (former PAUSD administrator; board member, Santa Clara chapter, National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Malene Latu

Julia Lauer

Genni Lawrence (parent of Briones students; C.P.A.)

Lucretia Lee (PAUSD teacher for 19 years; parent of former K-12 PAUSD students)

Ron Lee

Jill Lieberman

Patti Livingstone

Robin Leiman

Carol Leonard (substitute teacher, Friends Nursery School; Sunday school teacher; artist & graphic designer; mother of three Paly students)

Carrie Leroy (partner at White and Case, LLP; volunteer guest speaker in PAUSD on the prevention of assault, social media misuse, and cyber-bullying; mother of two PAUSD students)

Ellen Leverenz (Ph.D.)

Cate Levey

Rebecca Levi-Cohen

Henry M. Levin (former Palo Alto school board member; professor emeritus, Graduate School of Education, Stanford; William H. Kilpatrick Professor of Economics & Education, Columbia University)

Sarah Levine (assistant professor, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University)

Robin Levy

Marilia Librandi-Rocha (assistant professor, Department of Iberian and Latin American Literatures, Stanford University; parent of a former Gunn student and of a Terman middle-schooler)

Patti Livingstone (parent of a Paly grad; counselor, Jordan Middle School, 1995-2003; graduate instructor in school counseling, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington)

Sarah Longstreth

Tatiana Loops

Trevor Loveless

Jana Luft

Lori Luft (Ph.D.)

Anne Lumerman

Grace Lunn

Frederic Luskin (director, Stanford Forgiveness Projects)

Jean Lythcott

Julie Lythcott-Haims (J.D., Harvard Law, 1994; dean of Stanford freshmen for a decade; TED speaker; author, How to Raise an Adult and Real American)

Kabir MacDow

Gerry Mack (father)

Catherine Magill (Ph.D., parent of two Paly grads)

Hemla Makan-Dullabh

Sue Mann

Janet Marder (rabbi, Congregation Beth Am)

Annabel Marks

Natalia Martorell

Inna Matov

Laurie Matzkin (rabbi, Congregation Kol Emeth)

Jody Maxmin

Hedy McAdams (dance instructor, Palo Alto)

Deri McCrea (parent of Jordan 6th-grader; active in Addison/Jordan PTA, including Addison PTA president)

John McCrea

Shari McDaniel (PAUSD teacher for 28 years, elementary and secondary; current Gunn parent, and mother of 2 Gunn grads)

Brenda McGee-Yeldell

Robert McGinn

Alison McNall

Winter Mead

Michelle Mello (professor of law, Stanford University; professor of health research and policy, Stanford School of Medicine)

Noa Mendelevitch (educator)

Ofer Mendelevitch (data scientist)

Michelle Mendoza (Gunn alumna, class of 2008)

Rashmi Menon

Sreekanth Menon

Lucia Mensick

Randie Meshirer

Christine Meyer

Heidi Mickelsen

Matt Miles (online moderator, Beyond the Screens; co-author, Screen Schooled; teacher, Chantilly High school, Fairfax County, Virginia—a county that has suffered a teen suicide epidemic studied by the CDC in 2014)

Beth Mills

Eduardo Miranda

Edward G. Modica (the 5th-grade teacher of Madison Halloran—who ended her own life during college—and the founder of a petition in her memory, to pass a law requiring universities to publish data on student deaths)

Karen Moos

Amy Morgenstern (PhD., MFA; Blue Stars Admissions Consulting)

Amy Zucker Morgenstern (reverend, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto)

Hayyah Muller

Jenny Munro (retired Gunn H.S. English teacher)

Greer Murphy

Hannah Murphy

Meredith Murphy

Allen Namath (M.D.)

Sarah Namath

Gayathri Narayanan (M.S.; parent educator)

Lisette Narragon

Amie Neff (designer; M.Arch.; mother of Gunn student)

Barbara Nelson

Rene Netter

Debbie Newhouse (head of manager development, Google; parent of Terman student)

Eric Newhouse (General Partner, Serra Venture Partners; parent of Terman student)

Wendy Ng (Ph.D., professor and chair of sociology and interdisciplinary social sciences, San Jose State)

ChauLong Nguyen

Jim Nguyen

Saxon Noh

Virginia Noh

Denise Norwood (dance teacher, choreographer, with extensive work with high-schoolers; grandmother of a recent Gunn graduate and current Gunn student)

Amanda Oakson (Gunn, class of 1988)